Through The Ready,
I worked with six brave organizations.


I share what I learn by writing.


From Output-Based to Outcome-Based Work

Achievement for its own sake won’t matter if it’s not making a difference.

How Your Org Can Make Great Decisions By Default

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Dear 21 year old self, read these books

An org change practitioner’s learning regimen.

The Most Important Trait Leaders Need For the 21st Century

It’s not enough to be an expert these days.

Why Being Professional Is Holding You Back

Some lessons from being the known as the “breakdance guy” at work.

How My Weekly Review Evolved (And Continues to Evolve)

The one personal productivity practice I hold sacred.


I find joy in writing about how we can work more wisely—whether the “we” is an organization looking to upgrade its way of working to be more responsive to a 21st century world or an individual looking to cultivate smarter daily habits.

You can find more of my writing here.


I also wrote The Ready’s weekly org design newsletter.

From April 2016 to December 2017, I curated, wrote, and shipped a weekly newsletter, now known as Brave New Work Weekly.

In it, I shared The Ready’s point of view on the theory and practice of org design, and curated articles to provoke, inspire, and equip change makers with the tools to drive change in their respective organizations.

I grew its subscriber list from 800 to 2700.

Here are some I’m proud of:

How to Make Complex Decisions

Potential, Possibilities, and Pilots

That former Googler’s memo got us thinking


Can Flipping the Classroom Work?

Separate from my Ready and Medium writing, I’ve published a research paper in the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education as a first author.

I studied an undergraduate flipped class, and compared how students did in this course with how students did in a non-flipped, traditional classroom.

I’m fortunate to have received the support from Katerina Schenke, Tutrang Nguyen, and Dr. Mark Warschauer here.


I helped get Brave New Work out in the world.

File Jan 29, 11 17 54 AM.jpeg

I’m also incredibly fortunate to have been a researcher and content marketer on Brave New Work, The Ready founder Aaron Dignan’s latest book. It was published on February 19, 2019.

Brave New Work is a thoughtful, yet unapologetic take on why the way most organizations works is outdated: borrowed from a previous Industrial Era. The Ready wanted to equip leaders and change agents with tools and strategies they could bring to their organization to bust meaningless bureaucracy and facilitate meaningful, lasting change. And I’m proud that we got this thing out in the world.


Outside of work, I breakdance and rock climb.


Excuse the awkward thumbnail! This was one of my favorite battles in 2017 against my friend, DaveX.


I’ve been a competitive bboy (breakdancer) for over 11 years. I’ve competed all over California with my crew, Artistics Tribe.

I’ve since slowed the competing and teach private lessons. Sometimes I even incorporate dance in workshops I facilitate!

These days I’m obsessed with bouldering.