Some of My Past Lives:

I was a freelance writer for The Ready's Medium Publication.

Some posts I wrote were:

I first authored an academic paper with Katerina Schenke called Can Flipping the Class Work? Evidence from Undergraduate Chemistry

Kat and I looked at whether college students taking a flipped format undergraduate chemistry class do better (or worse) in the next chemistry class. I've authored this paper with Tutrang Nguyen and Dr. Mark Warschauer, we've submitted this to an academic research journal for publishing. It just got accepted for publishing in the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Ed.

I also first authored an exploratory psychology study called Smiling & Student Evaluations: Do Professors Who Smile Receive Higher Course Evaluations? 

I first authored an exploratory study with Meg RingelEric Chen, Thom Stamper, Dr. Sarah Pressman, and Dr. Pete Ditto. We're looking at the associations of facial expressions of professors and their formal student evaluations. We've presented a poster of this project at:

I used to manage the UCI Stress, Emotion, and Physical Health (STEP) Lab.

I was a Lab Manager of a psychology lab that looks at the interactions of stress, positive emotions, physical health under the direction of Dr. Sarah Pressman. Some studies I've worked with are:

  • Smiling & Social Pain. PhD student Marie Cross's project on the association of smiling and reduced social pain. Currently ongoing.
  • Smiling & Physical Pain. PhD student Amanda Acevedo's project on the association of smiling and reduced physical pain. Data is collected and currently in the process of being tidied up.

I've also written for some cool peeps:

More of My Other Past Lives...

UCI Social Behavior Lab, Former Project Leader

I've assisted Dr. Joey T. Cheng on a lot of her work at UC Irvine, from coding behavioral measures off a transcript of participant dialogue from her actual study to leading a data collection project for a study on vocal pitch and successful negotiation outcomes of MBA students.

UCI School of Education - The WIDER StudyFormer Lead Research Assistant

With graduate student and NSF Fellow, Lynn Reimer, I lead a team of 8 other research assistants on an NSF-funded study, and have observed over 40 undergraduate STEM classes at UC Irvine. Through the mentoring of the Lynn, Kat, and Mark, I’ve

UCI Human Resources, Former Learning and Development Intern

B-Boys Anonymous, Former President

UCI Summer Orientation ProgramFormer Orientation Staffer

Kimley-HornFormer H.R. Intern

McDermott & Bull: An Executive Search FirmFormer Recruiting Research Intern

iBankFormer H.R. Intern

UCI Freshman Summer Start ProgramFormer Discussion Leader

Some events I've hosted:

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